Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, any Technology products with a combined value of $250 ex GST in a single order, free freight will be applied.

If we have the items it in stock and the combined value of the Technology products are over $250 ex GST, free freight will be applied.

For the purposes of the free freight offer, printers and print supplies do not classify as Technology products.

Providing the order has $250 ex GST of Technology products – excluding bulky printers and items requiring tailgate truck delivery, the order will be eligible for free freight.

Due to our website freight schedule algorithms, from time to time the default freight charge may appear excessive. If this is the case and the freight charge appears greater than what you would be normally be subject to, please make contact with your sales representative to request a review.

Typically this would mean that an order has been placed prior to yours and the site has not been updated as yet. If you experience this, please make contact with your sales representative for further assistance.

Yes, however please be aware of increased freight cost and insurance that may need to be applied.

This is a case by case basis scenario, you need to contact your sales representative ASAP to see if any changes are possible.

This is most likely caused by selecting a PO Box address when the order is too large, or it could be a web-cookie related issue. You can clear your temporary internet files to make sure it isn't being caused by web-cookies. If you're still unable to process the order, please contact your sales representative or our web coordinator at

Please contact our web coordinator at with your assigned email address and account code.

Please report it to our web coordinator at